How to maintain your PVC Windows

Clean and tidy windows have a great impact on the aesthetics of a home and tired looking window frames can really detract from that curb appeal. The beauty of PVC windows is that very little maintenance is needed, unlike other materials available on the market i.e. timber and aluminium. Painting and weather- proofing are not things you need to worry about when it comes to opting for PVC windows, the only thing you need to think about is keeping the windows clean and minor maintenance on those working parts.

Cleaning the frame

Now the of cleaning your window frames only needs to occur twice a year minimum. Firstly, start with a microfiber cloth and dust the frames removing any dust, dirt and cobwebs, then get the pipe of your hoover to suck up any mess that it has caused. Mix some washing up liquid in a bowl of warm water and use a soft cloth to wipe down the window frames getting into all of those nooks and crannies. If you struggle getting into those tiny gaps with your fingers, try a soft tooth brush. You must avoid any harsh chemicals as this could damage the frames.
If the muck is stubborn, try a solvent PVC cleaner which can be purchased from your nearest hardware store. You must however by careful not to use it on the silicone as it may begin to peel away. Turn to a clean microfiber cloth and buff your frames, this will subsequently dry and polish them… and voila.

Cleaning Glass

In an ideal world glass needs to be cleaned at least 5 times a year, especially in those cold, wet months. Firstly, dust your window pane with a microfiber cloth, again removing any dust, cobwebs and goodness knows what else. Next, spray traditional glass cleaner onto the glass covering the full pane. Wipe and dry your window pane with good old kitchen roll and put some serious elbow grease into it, removing dirt and drying your windows at the same time. You’ll be left with sparkling, streak free windows.


Once a year, you should expect to use a spray oil to maintain the moving parts of your windows namely, handles, locking systems and hinges.

Hinges- With the window open spray oil directly onto the hinges and make sure the screws are nice and tight. If you feel as though some screws maybe loose, tighten them up with a screw driver.

Handles- With the window closed, spray some oil onto the window key and insert into the handle lock giving the key a gentle wiggle and move it in and out of the lock a couple of times.

Locking Systems- Open the window and spray some oil onto the locking strip wiping away any excess oil with kitchen roll.

These simple tips will help prevent long term failure and decay but additionally enhance the attractiveness of your home.

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