Now the Governments Green deal wasn’t what the majority of people had hoped for… ourselves included.

So we have taken it into our own hands creating our very own JADE Green Deal.

The JADE Green Deal can save you money and the great part is…. EVERYONE is eligible. With Winter just around the corner we can not only make your homes more secure, but also more energy efficient with our FREE triple glazing upgrade. It’s safe to say that 2020 has been less than ideal, so why not end on a high and warm your home with the JADE Green Deal.

Contact us today for a free triple glazing upgrade today and turn your neighbours JADE green with envy.


As obvious as it may seem, triple glazing contains 3 panes of glass within a sealed frame, just as double contains two. The middle pane of glass creates two air locks which improves the energy performance and hangs onto heat for that bit longer. Also due to that additional pane noise will be reduced!

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Why Choose JADE?


We fabricate everything ourselves in our Batley Factory. We use the best PVC/Aluminium profile & hardware available on the market to guarantee top quality. All of our products go through a comprehensive routine check before leaving our factory to ensure our products are the very finest.


We are members of the police scheme ‘Secure By Design’ (SBD). Our windows & doors are annually 3rd party security tested to the highest UK standards, regulated by the police.


We have everything you need, from replacement windows & doors at home to quality products for large commercial projects. Spoilt for choice!? We have over 1625 RAL colours and plenty of designs to choose from.


We are proud to be local! Based in Batley we support local businesses and work with ALL British suppliers. Come visit our Showroom and have a tour of our Factory!