Fully Reversible Windows

Our revolutionary fully Reversible window is the perfect solution for medium to high-rise properties, or where access is limited. It combines outstanding thermal and weathering performance with an easy to clean design. The window is hinged at the top, opens outwards for ventilation, and can be rotated in order for the outer surface to be cleaned from indoors. The real luxury is that the window rotates, safely and easily, outside the building, so there are no worries about snagging on curtains or blinds. Slimline profiles allow masses of light into your home and the simple line of the deep bevelled frame perfectly complements contemporary décor.

Why choose Fully Reversible Windows

Strong yet Light

PVC windows lightweight character facilitates easy and effortless operation. Vinyl as a material is incredibly durable being anti-corrosive and chemical and moisture resistant. The high durability of vinyl additionally gives the windows excellent weather resistance withstanding a variety of temperature conditions.


Low maintenance is what every individual requires! Unlike Timber windows, which entail regular maintenance, PVC windows only need a routine dusting or wiping down and due to the windows being reversible, cleaning the outside of the glass becomes simple… no window cleaner needed!

Top Security

Our reversible windows are Secured by Design, a nationally recognised standard devised by police officers giving you extra comfort and security.

Any Colour

We offer a wide range of colours… in fact any colour your heart desires, from striking shades of bronze through brilliant reds and pastel blues to traditional white – with practically every colour in between. Our standard coloured PVC windows are wrapped, however wanting something bespoke? Then our bespoke products are spray painted in the colour of your choice. Both colouring techniques do not affect the quality of the products.


Our reversible windows can achieve a fantastic Band ‘A+’ Window Energy Rating and will protect your home from draughts and leaks. PVC has great insulation properties and PVC window panels can contribute to the energy efficiency of a building.

Features of our fully reversible windows

Jade Colours

Colour Options

When it comes to choosing the colour of your Fully Reversible Windows the sky is the limit. With 1625 RAL colours to choose from you really are spoilt for choice with JADE. View the RAL colour chart HERE and pick the perfect colour for you.

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